Emporium Chair by Marco Costa

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自学成才的葡萄牙人 Marco Costa 总有各种天马行空的超现实灵感,做为 Boca do Lobo 的首席设计师,他的家具作品总是颠覆人们的日常想象。比如这款铝制材料做成的椅子,因为缺了一条腿,气场立马不一样,传达一种超乎寻常的缺陷美,并且直指人性的脆弱面。椅子乐趣横生且略显浮夸,采用精致的手工完成,还有镀金和镀铜版本。

Emporium Chair by Marco Costa

Entirely self-taught, the head designer of Boca do Lobo, Marco Costa finds inspiration in the Surrealist movement. Beyond the furniture and its primary function, Marco pushes the object to new levels and blurs the boundaries.

He has conceived this exclusive piece by questioning the notion of space, experimenting with material, and playing with color. Emporium is a chair made in aluminum with a particular detail: it rises with only three legs. A sense of fun and frivolity pervades this chair, but this exclusive piece also manages to be sophisticated, thought provoking and (above all) finely handcrafted. An example of utmost level of both skill and imagination combined to create an exceptionally unique object that will stand out in any room. Emporium is also available in the normal amount of legs, and in two different versions: finished in gold plated or copper plated.

Emporium Chair by Marco CostaEmporium Chair by Marco CostaEmporium Chair by Marco CostaEmporium Chair by Marco Costa