Jellyfish Lamp

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这款水母灯(Jellyfish Lamp)是英国设计师Tristan Cochrane和阿根廷艺术总监Paula Benvegnú合作的项目,灵感来自BBC著名的纪录片《蓝色星球》(The Blue Planet),水母透明的身体所具备的鲜艳色彩和缓慢的泳姿给他们很大启发。制作一盏水母灯需要用到三四百米的彩带,而且每一盏都不一样,摆放在床头、餐厅或者酒店都不错。

Jellyfish LampJellyfish LampJellyfish Lamp

Jellyfish Lamp is a lamp born of the sea and every time you turn one on, your room will never be the same. A group of jellyfish invade the room creating a dreamlike and surreal atmosphere, completely changing the perception of time and space. Different intensities and colors of light create a subtle range of colours, so no two lamps are the same. Each lamp is hand crafted from 3-400 meters of ribbon.

This project arose from a particular obsession of its creators, british designer Tristan Cochrane and argentinian art director Paula Benvegnú: the endless marathons of “The Blue Planet”, the famous BBC documentary about life in the oceans brings to view a world unreachable to normal humans. And the jellyfish with its bright colors and slow, elegante movements caught their attention. These lamps can illuminate a corner, a night table, a restaurant or a hotel. whether in groups of fifty or one alone, walking amongst them will leave us with the slightly psychedelic feeling of waking from those dreams you cannot explain.

Jellyfish LampJellyfish LampJellyfish LampJellyfish Lamp